Auto Engineering

Connected to our machine shop, our auto department work in cohesion with their skilled machinist counterparts in providing support to the automotive industry. Whether a small alloy wheel weld repair or full engine overhaul we have the in-house skills to support a wide array of requirements.

Auto Engineering services

  • Cylinder Head Machining and Pressure Testing
  • Aluminium, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Welding
  • Boring Blocks and Liners
  • Brake and Clutch Plate Machining
  • Locking Wheel Nut Removal
  • Thread Repairs
  • Parts Supplied

Member of Federation of Engine Manufacturers

Skimming and machining cylinder heads, pressure testing and inspection is all work undertaken on a daily basis: boring, brake & clutch machining and thread repairs all within the remit of our in house skills. Be it a helicoil repair or the removal of locking wheel nuts we have the knowledge and expertise to complete work to instruction, working as a member of the Federation of Engine Re-manufactures.

Auto Engineering Clients


Auto Engineer

Client Study: The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum


A vintage transport museum was hiring out one of its exhibits, but the pre-release inspection revealed a knocking from the bottom end. The cylinder block was brought to our workshop for further inspection. We measured the bores and discovered they were excessively worn and had reached their maximum oversize, too large for any available pistons. On consulting our vast database of information on these engines, we discovered that liners could be fitted to restore the bores to standard size. We sourced the liners and pistons and proceeded to bore the block out to the required dimensions. We finished by adjusting and honing the bores to the precise requirements of the pistons, ensuring the correct clearance.

Automotive Case Study 1

Project Cost


Project Duration

Two weeks

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