Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo F35 Jet

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo F35 Jet

Our Lifting Gear Department get some interesting and sometimes challenging jobs to carry out. Last week they are asked to see whether they could assist in rigging and slinging a 10 tonne F35 jet fighter above the main enterance to  Edinburgh Castle Esplanade for the annual Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

All the work was carried out over two night shifts, on the first night purpose bought clamps and slings were erected along with three spreader bars to the main steelwork of the main stand. On completion the set up was all load tested  using dynamometers and fully checked and inspected.

The next night once the castle was closed and the public left, the  jet was deliverred in  numerous shipping containers to the  esplanade where the Military personnel commenced the assembly. Because of the width restrictions the main fuselage was rolled into position underneath two Bernard Hunter cranes and the wings finally bolted into position. The cranes then carefully lifted the plane up into position and the slings  attached to hold it in position. Sounds easy, but at 5am it was touch and go and major decisions had to be made to ensure the project could be completed before the castle traffic commenced a couple of hours later!

The end product is dramatic and the picture (Credit, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo)  shows the effect of the jet swooping down to land as you approach the Castle.

Daily, thousands of visitors pass underneath it on there way to visit Edinburgh Castle or to attend the excellent  Tattoo each night.

Well done all involved for undertaking a challenging project safely over two long nightshifts at the weekend.