George Brown Engineering News Updates

Engine Rebuild & Repair

Our Auto department undertakes work for a multitude of local car and truck garages and workshops. The work is varied and consists of both onsite and workshop repairs.  The work can be removing  broken studs and damaged  thread repairs, or machining cylinder heads and crankshafts. Most engines are from normal cars and trucks but we […]

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Aluminium Pigging Tools

Our customer had an urgent requirement for the fabrication of sets of pigging tools , pigging is an expression used in the oil industry for putting various types of tooling through pipework which in this case was 36″ diameter. We duplicated pigging trolleys that are used to internally high pressure water blast lenghts of pipe, the

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Farewell to Intercity 125

LNER who carry out heavy train maintenance at their Craigentinny Depot, recently asked us to assist in the restoration of one of their current fleet of High Speed Train power cars. The power cars are being phased out with the introduction of the new Hitachi trains on the East Coast main line,  the old units are being taken

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Galvanised handrails

After 15 years of weathering our client requested we remake some new guarding around their caterpillar unit that sits 6m high on a tower. We measured the existing panels that were quiet flimsy with large corroded section and fabricated new removable guard panels. On completion the new guards were hot dipped galvanised and fitted prior to the

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Return Cargo Discharge

A lot of our “Ship” work is the securing of cargo as it is loaded onto ship or barges for transportation around the world, but today we are receiving five large reels that have arrived from Panama City. The ship arrived at 9am and should sail later in the afternoon once the reels are lifted

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Long Lengths!

We are comfortable in our workshops on the Shore where we have been located for over a hundred years. But long lengths of material need  planning and logistics to get them in and out of the doorways due to vehicles parking close to the doors. Earlier this week we received some 14m long steel beams

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Support The Lifeboats

The Company has a long association with the sea and we have the greatest respect for those who earn their living,  on, or from it.  We have a greater respect for those who help those who find themselves in peril on the seas. We carry out commercial work for the RNLI occasionally and do what we can

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Long day loadout

Initially the enquiry was for the securing of a single hundred tonne reel, but we were surprised when it suddenly became two large reels! Nothing daunted we turned up and the guys did a great job securing the two reels each with eight stoppers and sixteen dee rings. Thankfully we had another squad on an

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New Guillotine

We received a new guillotine from the makers  last week and it is now fully commissioned and operational replacing our original machine. The old machine had served us well but concern was being raised should it break down during an important job, we recently had to rewind its electrical motor and the cutting blades had been replaced. We bought

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Gypsy Moth Engine Stand

We welded and finished a fabricated display stand for a Gypsy Moth Engine to be displayed at a local museum.  The engine and stand had been prepared by School pupils from Knox Academy School in Haddington. The sump has been cut away to show the crankshaft and connecting rods inside the engine. The pupils carried out the work over a

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